FMM exclusive tracks

i used to be a fort minor militia member, actually i even won a signed dvd for being one of the first hundred (or thousand?) members, so i had all of the exclusive tracks they released.
unfortunately, some years ago the laptop in which all the songs were was stolen and i never got them again. anyone knows where could i download them now? thanks

Man, I have the songs and the DVD but I don’t if it’s ethico pass the songs here. Sorry.

no worries, but i dont think there would be problems since the FMM doesnt exist anymore.
also, the published when The Rising Tied completed 5 years of releasing, so it’s not so exclusive anymore.

No, it’s not. Just use the Google. They’re all over the net. And in the case you don’t Remember The Names (giggles)…

Where You Joe
Move On
Start It All up
Strange Things
Tools of the Trade
Do What We Did
Where’d You Go (BBB Remix)
Kenji (Interview version)

thank you guys