First LP concert as an LPU member

I’ve been to two LP concerts so far. My first was at the KROQ Weenie Roast in 2011. They put on an amazing show of course but there were a lot of LP haters there. I was in the 4th row and I was loving every second of it! But at one point I turned around and I saw a lot of people sitting and a few empty seats. I was like, “what is wrong with you people?!” Bottom line though - I loved it.

The second show I went to was the Secret Show for Japan. That show was just amazing. The setting, the cause - it was just the best concert of my life. To top it off, we got a free poster of the show and the “From the Inside” book and the entire audio of the show. I listen to it almost every day.
My third show will be the May 18 show at the House of Blues. It’ll be my 1st show as an LPUer! I’m so excited for this show because it’s exclusive for Linkin Park Underground. When I joined just over a week ago, all you guys were so welcoming, and I just can’t wait to be at the show with my fellow LPUers. I know this is starting to sound cheesy but I’m just so happy! (:

LPU events are awesome, I got to to go to see LP perform a short set on the streets outside the theater Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen premiered. The best thing I got out of the LPU though was in 2010, 2 weeks before A Thousand Suns was released around 20 of us got to go to Warner Bros Records and listen to the album.

See you there! I saw them play there in 2007, it’s a pretty small venue, I think it’s smaller than the Mayan.

I went to Weenie Roast & Secret Show too! & HOB will be my first LPU event as well! I’m so excited!! :smiley:

HOB will be my first concert.
can’t wait :smiley:

I am also so excited for this show. I used to be a part of the older LPU’s and I got to do some pretty cool stuff one of which was a meet and greet. The only thing was I never took advantage of getting to meet other LP fans. This time after not being a part of the underground for a while I decided to be more involved. I’ve always wanted to meet other people who just LOVE this band like I do. This HOB concert will be great because it was be with true die hard fans. Can’t wait!!

This HOB show will be my first everything! Haha I’m still in a daze cause I’m just so excited. Can’t wait to see them and meet some of you cool people!

me too but i want to meet them ! ! !

This will be my 4th concert, Saw them at Projekt Revolution 2007, then at the Transformers 2 premiere where they played in the middle of the street!, saw them in 2010 for the ATS world tour, now Im seeing them at HOB LA!! THen I see them in San Diego later this year, September 10th!!!

Best Year ever!!!

This will be my 4th LP show but 1st as an LPU’er! I was also at Weenie Roast about 12 rows back from the stage and felt the same way…oh well people don’t know what they’re missing! I was at the Secret Show too! So excited to see everyone there :smiley:

Thats soo cool!. i been a fan since Hybrid and HOB will be my first LP concert , i am also VERY exited because this is going to be their first concert of the Living Things tour and only for the LPUers which makes it much more Awesome, :smiley: Cant wait to see you all there! :smiley:
Oh bdw Im also taking my little sister which will be her first concert ever. Double cool! :smiley:

sigh If I was rich (like, if I had a 1000 dollars I could just spend out of the blue on a plane ticket) I would have loved to go to the LPU concert at HOB.

Sometimes it’s so frustrating being a LP fan from a country where we only get to see the guys play live about once every 3rd year. :wink:

I hope that one day, I’ll be able to participate in a LPU event somewhere in Europe (that doesn’t cost a fortune in travel expenses) and party with the band and very dedicated fans. :slight_smile:

I tried all week to win tix to HOB but unfortunately I missed out! Have a great time :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

This is going to be my first LPU show as well! I’m super stoked!!

My first LP show as LPUer was also my first LP show in general… It was at the O2 Arena in London, UK, on Jan 28 2008, also first M&G there…

“it aint easy being cheesy” - Chester Cheetah

Have a blast girl i have to wait til August to see them and it killing me!!!

The house of blues concert in LA will be my fifth concert as an LPU member! I’ve been a fan forever but didn’t hear about LPU until January 2010 during the bleed it out/ a place for my head bridge and says “right now we’re gonna do this one for the LP Underground. You ready? We had a great time at the summit and for those of you that missed it you’re gonna have to go to LP Underground and figure it out!” so not only did I not know about LPU but the summit was in my city!!!

I’m so glad to have met all of the people on here… Especially all the people here in the Midwest and all you Cali people that I hope to meet at the concert! =o)

Meteora World Tour - Allstate Arena Rosemont, IL January 2004
Projekt Revolution - Tweeter Center Tinley Park, IL Summer 2004
A Thousand Suns World Tour- United Center Chicago, IL January 26, 2010
A Thousand Suns World Tour - The Joint at Hard Rock Las Vegas, NV August 30, 2010

Future shows:
LPU show - House of Blues West Hollywood, CA May 18, 2012
Honda Civic Tour - First Midwest amphitheater Tinley Park, IL August 24, 2012

I can’t wait!!!

I meant first concert as an LPU member which was evident in my post oops! And it will be my fifth concert altogether. This is gonna be an awesom year… It already has been so far!

so excited, my first LP concert ever and I just joined LPU for the first time too [biggrin]

festivals are terrible! I prefer LP own gigs :slight_smile: there everybody loves the same band and people are just adorable! It’s so much easier to start to talk with strangers

my first LP show was on 11/Sept/2004 at Morumbi Stadium in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I was lucky enough to have a M&G with the guys. it was the best day of my life!

my second show was in SWU Festival, in Itu, Brazil. unfortunately I was not selected to the M&G, but I got photo pass and I was able to took some pics at the first 2 songs. was AMAZING!