Finally Got To Meet Chester

I got a M&G for a few STP shows in NY and NJ. Such a very nice guy. The whole band was awesome. They recognized me from going to past shows. I was blown away. Chester even came down and sang with me.




congrats btw

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thank you. You’ll have your moment. It took me 15 years to get this

Will I even live that long? I’m 14!!

14+15=29 I’m sure you’ll live. duh

But the question is, will LP last another 15 years for 2030?

How awesome! And lovely pics!
I miss Chester’s pink hair already haha, the blonde even more!

I met LP when I was 16 at my first show. I’m 24 now and I’ve met LP 7 -more like 6.5- times now (13 shows so far -I could have done more if I had more money- and 4 dates coming up this summer).

When you will meet them depends on when you will be able to attend their shows (as an LPU member that is), the more shows the bigger chance to get a M&G.
Once you’re a little older and parents will allow you more you’ll get to meet them. (I did my 2nd show at 19, I was able to do a lot more shows since I moved out in 2010).

How time flies…

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Love that chart

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whoah! when did he dye his hair??? :laughing: that looks awesome
you’re so lucky, i would do just about anything to meet chester!!!

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these pics were from the STP shows in April (25th & 27th)

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it’s awesome men … i will be there some day … :slight_smile: :blush: :wink: :heart_eyes:

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Woww… Wonderful experience … :smile:

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