Film scene with Chester dedication ending = Looking for modelers!

Hi everyone,

Haven’t posted in a while, but now i’m back, and a potential project alongside me.

I’m looking for talented 3d modelers (who can modelrealistically) for several characters, landscapes and effects for a film scene i’m doing.

The character artwork will be emailed to you as soon as it is ready. Artwork for you will be the character at different angles (the front, back, both sides and multiple facial expressions). Furthur details on the characters and special details on their looks will be sent to the successful people.

You will be given credit for your work, and the scene will be exposed to an audience of around 500 across my social media of Facebook, Youtube and Twitter.

Comment below to apply, i will need to see other models you’ve done to see if you match for this. You will need to give either your Twitter handle / email, preferably Twitter as its much faster to share ideas.



Only person I could imagine and who would do an awesome job here is @jabinquaken but sounds like a complex project :neutral_face:
Just saving you time bud


Perhaps @underground_person or @ashesoftime?

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@Honey8 dear? Read the post above … and @beckster2000 looks like you make it happen- great to see you make it on the long run- grats for your long breath and motivation :tada::clap:t2:


@theearlywalker @rickvanmeijel @framos1792 good to know the community are sill supportive! Thanks for the names, i’ll send them a message and see if it goes forward.



Thanks for think of me! But realistic drawing is not my style. But thank you so much @rickvanmeijel


Only thing I meant by saying just jabin :smiley:


Hi @jabinquaken @underground_person @Honey8,

Would you be guys be interested in this project? If you are, please reply ASAP!

Hi :slightly_smiling_face:. I don’t know if you saw my drawings. I don’t know if you’re looking for something like this.

Your drawings are so cool! Especially the ink ones, they would be PERFECT for this!

Thank you so much. :wink: so you want to make like 5 drawings of one person ? Could you write something more about your project ?

Do u have a Twitter as i can add into into my GC which would make it much easier to get you up to speed with everything. My Twitter is @remember_us__

Heyy @theearlywalker ! :green_heart: Thanks for the tag angel!! :hugs:
@beckster2000 i wish you said next year july :sweat_smile: . It’s my main school year so I don’t get much time creating. Thank you so much for the offer, I’d love to do it, unfortunately cannot. Hope you understand.
Good luck for your project tho! :blush: I am sure it will be amazing !!:sparkles::tada:


Thank u! :laughing: And good luck with ur year, who knows, depending on the response this project gets after its completed, maybe i’ll need some more help nxt year for it to be even bigger and better :wink:

Sure! For that Welcome! I am still oj learning stage trying to create portraits is smthg i need to practice. I can create smthg next yr! :blush:

Hey @jabinquaken, would you be interested in this project? There are only three characters left to draw and it would mean the world if you could help give this project one last push. You would be given full credit for your work.

Not sure if I can.
This requires much time that I recently do not have. All in work. Besides, I am slow. My newest art is already 2 weeks in progress. Want to end it till 20-th.

Tell me the details, so I can check what I can do. Can not promise 100%, though.


For the project we only need 2 characters to be drawn now. Mike and John Cooper from the front, back and both sides in detail.

I can send you over pictures (if u have Twitter it would be easier) to help you. I’m now looking for modelers so the drawing doesn’t have to be rushed.

My twitter is jabin_quaken
Tell me more.
What level of detail should it be?

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Tried to reach your Twitter but I can’t DM you. The level of detail is really how much you think you can do, as long as the beard, eyes and main features are fully detailed.

Both men will be wearing armor similar to the fur armor from Skyrim (so they’ll be shirtless), Mike will have large Angel wings and light green eyes while John will have some of his original tattoos, pure black eyes and ripped demon wings.