Fictional mural art


(I’ve never seen any actual art of the street soldier other than on Hybrid Theory, so if there’s some official art that shows the design in detail, whoops. This is just based on how I always pictured them looking.)

I had a emotionally turbulent day, and I took it out by drawing for 2 hours and finishing exactly at midnight. I wasn’t aiming to be complex, I just wanted to make something good that I’m proud of. I’ve always wanted to do some huge mural or artwork for Chester, but I don’t have the place or skill to do it, so often times I’ll do fictional things like this drawing. Its not much, but its something I’m still happy with (and I normally suck at shading/lighting, so this is an improvement for me).


Sending hugs :hugs: :hugs: also there are some soldiers here who could help you to improve your drawings. Jabin, Lpfan61 and Honey8 are the best ones here.


hey, i am sorry for the current mind status, I send you loads of love :heart: and good wishes :hugs: :sunny: Take care
i know art is a great way to express and release whats inside us, Let me be honest that is a great art as it reflects your true feelings. you don’t need to be perfect. :blush: Always enjoy the process and do it with fun when you create something . never ever focus a lot on results, it will be no good. Do it with all your heart and it will come out good :smiley:
for any help you can come on the drawing thread, We all will help you.