Feed Your Inner Child

A friend asked me the other day, “If you could feed your inner child anything, what would it be?” Meaning, what most comforting food/meal that you love from childhood. So now I’m asking all of you.

Mine was a peanut butter and honey sandwich with a juice box and Gold Fish.

Cheez Its!!!

rice with milk sugar and cinnamon

Chocolate, enough said :stuck_out_tongue:

that’s my answer too :’)

that’s my answer too :’)[/quote]

NUFF SAID!! [razz]

tons and tons of nutella [lol][lol][lol][lol]

skippy peanut butter!


It’s a DELICIOUS german meal that noramally can only be bought in the Alps :slight_smile:
IT’S amazing :smiley:

Oreos and starkrunch :D.

That would definetely be the old all-time favorite that I always used to have with my grandparents, when my grandfather was still alive: biolt potatoes with greasy gravy, my grandpa’s special salad and a drumstick (he would always ask me if his one had flown away, if grandma had given it to me) andfor dessert yoghurt and Dutch custard with syrup and sugar. Ah, memories… :,-)


this xD

Oh god, ANY mexican food. I went to a mexican restaurant for my 13th birthday, by far the best party ever :slight_smile:

My inner child is to scared of my outer self.

OH…wait food? Dunkaroos.


Oh my gosh… this is hard :stuck_out_tongue:
Cheese, chocolate, mac and cheese, tacos, mashed potatoes… all of them made me happy when I was a kid.

Peanut butter and jelly, still can’t go wrong with that