Favorite song from Hybird Theory?

lol, not even I can choose!!Best Album!!!

I love every LP song. I think POA is an amazing song , but they all are

With an album that good is it even possible to pick a favorite song? They r all amazing!

With you

My favorite song from Hybrid Theory has remained the same since I first heard the album in 2000. Hands down, Papercut!!!

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Its either papercut or in the end for me

Pushing Me Away… easily

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“Pushing Me Away”

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A Place for my head!

“By Myself” - it originally was a tie between that and “With You” but I much prefer the Reanimation version “Wth>You” :slight_smile:

With You!!!

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With You and Points Of The Authority! :smiley:

With you! -

It’s Papercut, but Hybrid Theory is a fucking awesome album! I love all songs.

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That’s tough. I truly love all the songs on this album. Papercut, POA, With You, Pushing Me Away, By Myself, Forgotten.

A tie between ‘With You’ and ‘In the End’ and "Pushing me Away’ and ‘Crowling’.

Tie between A Place for my Head, Points of Authority and Papercut.

The hardest questiou bout LP :~~ I dislike Cure For The Itch and love all the others in HT.