Favorite part / line in Frat Party At The Pankake Festival?

Dig back into the old times:
What is your favorite line said or what do you think the best / funniest little scene in the Frat Party dvd is?

Chicken Fricasse…hands down! :smiley:

Without a coat / red light district.

Brad’s “Likes” counter

the whole thing was my favorite. i really like the making of in the end. the country crawling song, the brad “likes”, chester beating up joe, the chicken fricasse-throwing it back, but my other favorite part is The Chemist

[quote=cincybmxlpfreak]Chicken Fricasse…hands down! :smiley:

That’s my all time favorite :'D

Chicken Fricasse
Brad’s “Likes” counter

and that my copy got signed by all of them this year :slight_smile:

When Mike broke the table in half. :slight_smile:

This is How LP warms Up before a show.

I want a Chester the Molester shirt xD

i guess there’s alot of funny scenes dat i love, most of it like “the chicken fricasse-throwing it back” ,mike’s “without a coat”, “the chemist” ^^ , n “red light distric” things :slight_smile:

Epic moment!

Red light district
The chemist
Broken Table


Some of mine:

Chicken Fricassee: The lines I’ll never forget:
Rob:"This is the beautiful room service, chicken fricassee"
Mike:"What does it smell like Rob?"
Rob:"smells oooh"
Brad:"I can’t believe you got that close to it!"
Rob:"it’s bad silly laugh"
Mike:“Dude, put the cover back on it, it smells like b.o!”

The guy that was either crazy or jogging in place + Mike’s reaction weird scream

Mike & Joe throwing wet toilet paper at pedestrians in London:
Some random guy outside saying "Piss off!"
Mike:"Where did it land Joe, it landed in his lap?"
Joe:“No, on his penis”

Joe: “Cookie time! + weird way of eating cookie*”

Mike that broke the table: “I put my fat ass on this table, and I broke it”

Brad in “Ditchita” (Or how you should spell it)

Chester showing us the “Crispy Creme”

And sooooo many other things [mrgreen]

I haven’t watched that dvd for a while! Now I need to watch it :’)

Same here it’s been ages xD