Favorite member?


who is your favorite member of Linkin Park, and why are they your favorite?

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my favorite member is Chester because he is totally insane and hilarious, and he’s also very thoughtful of his fans and he won’t let something like broken wrist ruin a concert for them. :smile:

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Well, I like Chester because he sings like an angel, & screams like a demon :smiley:


I think it’s Rob. He’s an amazing drummer and I want to play drums because of him :slight_smile: but unfortunately I can’t :expressionless:

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Brad and Mike for various reasons…


When I first got into the band it was always Chester, but I think it’s Mike now. I think it’s just whoever seems more in the public eye in the band, and Mike seems the most involved in the community


Of course @Gatsie loves Shinoda Bear :slight_smile:


I think every member has qualities of his personality but art and everything that makes me love Mike Shinoda

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I like Mike for his skillz, but Brad for his personality.


If I have to decide: Chester! I love his humorous way, his voice (gives me goosebumps), his tattoos … I think this man is almost perfect :grin:


Mike :- ) !!!


Brad for sure I love his curly hair and personality

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phoenix, Because it can fly :smiley:

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I totally agree with u :wink:


Mike and Chester…


I like Mike and Brad. But Mike most cuz he is the exactly person I wanna be.
And Brad haha I think he is pretty cool.
BTW all the 6 men are awesome and gave us too much strenth. And we all like them.


This is an evil thread. I can’t pick out of anyone, though if I had to I’d probably go for Rob, because it’s always the more quiet ones that you have to watch :wink: not to mention he’s a badass drummer. Also my name is Robert :slight_smile:


My favorite singer has always been Chester Bennington, because he has a good singing voice, and this man sings with awesome power, a.k.a. volume, at the choruses of the songs. However, I would have to say my favorite singer of all would have to be a cross between him and that incredibly talented rapper, Mike Shinoda. This entire band has just always sounded so incredible to me, ever since they first came out when I was only 8 years old, and ever since then they’ve been my all time favorite band. Hehe, honestly, L.P.'s debut is what got me into popular music in the first place!


Ok ok I’ll say it. My favorite is Bobby Cracker, the flying whale.

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