Favorite LP Member & why?


chester [heart]


As such the person I admire the most and look up to the most is Mike Shinoda BUT I have to say picking between the band is kinda stupid…u saw what can happen with something like that in the recent LPU chat everyone asking about Mike and Chester!! It shouldnt happen!!

As such when it comes to choosing inside LP as to the fav band member I have to say I will NOT choose anyone! Every member does his job and makes the band what it is => every member deserves the same appreciation!!

So please guys dont go around picking between the members or even saying “Oh I dont like Joe at all”, this is disrespectfull behavior and after all u all admire the music he makes along with the others!!

I think where someone can be picked is when u look at the person away from LP!!
so thats why I can “choose” Mike because I admire him as a person NOT as the best member of LP!!

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Good response, i like it![/quote]
i could give you a different answer if you ask who we think is the hottest LP Member :P[/quote]

LOL u girls :PP


My favorite member is Mike because he do a lot of different things, he sings, he produces, he plays keyboard, plays guitar and drawn artworks and things like that. And he is very likeable^^


[quote=EvoOba]I’ve said it again in another similar thread so I’m just gonna copy and paste my answer…

Mike is my favorite cause…I need to find words to explain it…I find in him the perfect personality. Caring, loving, kind, always into EVERYTHING, does his best to make sure his loved ones are safe and ok and does everything in his power to help those in need. He’s really a down to earth guy and doesn’t take LP and everything he has for granted, which is rare nowadays. He sure is no angel and has his flaws like all people do but I just appreciate who he is, what he does and what he believes. Of course I love the rest of guys as well but Mike is simply THAT guy to me! Besides, Linkin Park wouldn’t be Linkin Park even if one of them was not in the band or someone else was in his place.


You got the answer


Chester motherfuckin Bennington!


I play the guitar and everytime I start thinking bout my fave bands, the first thing that comes to my mind is their guitarist(s). To answer the question: It`s Brad.


I love them all and as has been mentioned, Linkin Park wouldn’t be Linkin Park if someone of them wasn’t there. But Mike, Rob and Brad are closer to me than the rest of the band.


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