Favorite Live Moment

We all have our favorite concerts that we’ve been to, or a favorite Linkin Park concert, or a favorite concert we’ve seen on YouTube. But the question I pose to you is:

What is your favorite live moment? What’s the one moment that made that concert that much more memorable to you? It could be from any show, whether you’ve been to it, or watched it online.

Here’s an example of mine. I saw Rise Against twice in 2012. Once in January indoors, and again in May outdoors. They ended up using the same set list for both shows, so it was a very similar performance.

There’s one thing that can factor into any outdoor event, and that’s weather. During the second show, when they reached Tim (McIlrath)'s acoustic portion of the night (two songs), it started to rain. The rain was fairly light during Audience of One, but during Swing Life Away, it started to intensify, and it made for this very epic performance:

Don’t you just love YouTube? I can relive this magical moment whenever I want!

(the photo below is from my view)

If I had to chose a moment from a show I’ve been at, it’d be when Linkin Park played Sweet Child o’ Mine, mainly because I’ve been at two shows and that’s the only thing they’ve done drastically different from others shows

Otherwise, I love the whole show of RaR 2004, but most specifically A Place for My Head with the guy they bring up on stage


my absolute favorite live concert are “live in texas” and “rar 2004”. Unfortunately, I was not there. I look at these two concerts at many times.

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Hmmm… that’s tough. I’d say my first LP show in 2008 was special because the guys played Reading My Eyes in its entirety. It was amazing to hear that song live! Also, at the same concert they played Little Things which I think is one of the most magical songs of theirs. I loved it so much, the vibe the time they were playing it was… divine (can’t find a word that makes it justice to describe it really).

Concerts I’ve seen online are great too but if I had to chose I’d be RAR 2004 for sure.

There have been so many great live moments! I think I have to choose one from the Paramore concert in Düsseldorf 2013. They performed The Only Exception and the whole crowd sang along. This really touched me even though I’ve never been a huge fan of this song in particular, but this moment made the song special for me.

Muse in 2013 Live Performance of Starlight. Because i have Special memorys with this Song and After 10 years i was able to See muse live

I would have to say my favorite live moment is when I went to the Carnivores Tour in Denver. I was front row and I caught Chester B’s shirt that he threw into the crowd. Also got to grab Chester’s hand, and Mike’s hand. It was my first and only LP concert so far. But it was amazing.


I’ll always remember the moment when Mike was almost crying in Milan this year, and the ballad they played in Amsterdam one month ago that made my cry without control…

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Mine would have to be when linkin park came to England on the 24th or November and it was my first ever LP concert and this was their last show of the year. They brought fans on stage for the final moments of the concert and performed bleed it out, it was one of my best experiences ever, my favourite songs live was:
waiting for the end
mike shinoda medley (wretches and kings/remember the name/numb)
onestep closer
points of aurthority
bleed it out
lost in the echo

Lucky I would have loved to get his shirt.That must have been the best first concert ever :smiley:

@Charleskenji When exactly did that happen? Mike definitely didn’t cry at the show

There was a moment after Until it’s gone and the flashmob, when he was very very touched, the same at the end of the concert. I remember the displays on his eyes and it was very impressing to me :blush:

The balade madley in cologne this year

@charleskenji He was yes, like the whole band, but he definitely didn’t cry or was about to.