Favorite aspect of music?

Everyone likes music, especially the people on these forums. What I want to know is what is your favorite thing about music? Is it the lyrics, the instrumentation, the themes, the emotional content, the overall sound, or is there even something greater than that that can allow you to truly experience the true joy of listening to music? For me, it’s hard to pick. I love instrumentation to death, it’s most of what I focus on when I listen. However, bad lyrics result in bad music the majority of the time. Yet a thematic ark always draws me into a record, truly grabs my attention (which explains my love for A Thousand Suns and Astoria by Marianas Trench). And of course the emotional content of songs really make me fall in love with a song.
But overall, I can sum up my love for music in one aspect: melody. The melody is so important to the music you listen to. Melody is the foundation of music, the core that allows it to sound like music. Without melody, music is just notes strung together awkwardly. Without melody, the lyrics can’t be displayed emotionally, but instead are spoken as poetry that intends for complete focus. Melody allows the pain to shine through, the hooks to grab your attention, and the instruments to prove that they too hold an emotional and meaningful capacity that is unknown in normal speech. Melody always has been and always will be the reason why ballads are so beautiful, why music is music, and why you can cry after listening to a beautiful tribute to one’s dying mother. All music is founded upon melody, and without that it would be meaningless notes and words. This is my favorite aspect of music, what is yours?


what do you need us for? lol
that explanation hits all the points beautifully, I think most of us look for.
I usually look more into the lyrics. If I can relate then ill hook onto it regardless of genre
I stay away from most of the mainsteam out there cause its just a repetitive hook usually but in well thought out song I think youre right that the melody sums the emotion lyrics and power of the whole

I usually think about a song’s rawness in able to connect to the listener but I think your expression is more appropriate :+1:


@framos1792 I’m just curious as to how other people see music. It’s really because I know I see music as an art, but others may just see it as a pass time. That’s why I ask, to see how others feel. But thanks for complimenting my writing!

yeah I mean I wrote that cause even your explanation was artistic
very detailed? haha
usually ive got music playing regardless of what I’m doing especially at work but theres just certain songs that captivate your brain even if you aren’t paying full attention

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Oh definitely. I occasionally get lost in thought while listening to music, usually about myself and my friends, but a certain song will come on, like Mark The Graves, and I’ll instantly stop what I’m doing to focus on that song completely.


There are just a few situations everyday, I don t listen at last to the radio… !

By the time I learned, that I can influence my mood active on playing special songs. That was the time… lyrics became more and more important to me… I can t stand silly lyrics, no matter how cool the sound is… :joy:

So music to me,in short words:… is like breathing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Music had always been present in my life from a very young age, even though I didn’t realise it. At the beginning, everything was just tunes to me and something like a hobby to close friends and family that knew or were learning how to play at the time. I remember, music class in school was my worst nightmare, I hated it (it may sound surprising to some, but it’s true).

As I got older and things started to make more sense to me, it hit me. It’s not something I can really explain but the idea of something, music in this case, being there for you whenever you needed it, was huge. You feel bad or good = music, you go out = music, you hang out at home/drive/work = music. Music has always been E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E.

Music also connects people If it weren’t for music, I wouldn’t have met my best friend or some other people that now play important roles in my life. It’s a universal language that brings, and keeps, people together. It’s not surprising that you feel like home everytime you’re at a concert. All these other kids, deep down, you’re there for the same reasons, you’re part of a huge family.

That’s why I decided a few years ago that I wanted to be even more involved with/in music. I know that whenever I want to, I can pick up my guitar and create something, and that’s where the real magic happens. So, in the end, when I say that music is life, I literally mean it.


I always hated music class when I was younger, which I regret now because I wish I’d joined the school band or the orchestra so I could have learned to play an instrument. I’m taking guitar lessons now, but I feel so out of it compared to my very musically talented friends. I also know how it feels to not appreciate music fully until you’re older, it took me until 2 years ago to start listening to music with a purpose. I regret my life without music. It is basically what I live for at this point.


For me, everything is important of course, but the lyrics and the overall sound make it better.

For example, “Hands Held High” by Linkin Park has good lyrics, but I never really liked the sound of the song.

“21 Guns” by Green Day has a great sound, but I think they tried a bit too hard on the lyrics, and did anything just to make it rhyme.


I disagree about 21 Guns. It’s a political song against the Bush administration. They were anti-Bush, totally for Obama. Green Day write about politics often, but they’re also uneducated. Billie Joe dropped out of high school, so he doesn’t have the best vocabulary. He occasionally probably does have to force some rhymes. But hey, opinions. :yum:


My favorite thing about music is finding a song that relates to you 100% in that moment. Music is that friend that is always there for you to lend a listening, sympathetic ear as you sing along. When I’m feeling “some type of way,” whether it be sad, lonely, pissed off, excited, goofy, whatever…there is a song out there that I can find, sing along to, and just feel understood. For me, I listen to sad songs when I’m sad, or happy songs when I’m happy…I want to feel and be with those emotions with that musician. I want to feel heard and understood and realize that it’s ok to feel those emotions. Singing or playing guitar to these songs is my way of healing. I also agree that I love that anyone can connect with music, no matter even if you speak the same language. I went to a Sublime with Rome concert here in Japan and it was so cool enjoying that show with Japanese people around me, most of which spoke very little English. It’s always a bonding experience. I go karaokeing with our Japanese counterparts all the time and it’s great seeing how music just brings everyone together, no matter the language. :heart:


i completely agree.

Music seems like its own little world

My favourite thing about music is the instrumentation. The instrumentation that hits your heart and soul and alleviates your brain to a higher place. I can’t really explain it. Usually,the string instruments give me this kind of feeling and not every piece of music has such an effect on me. It’s just some special songs.


my favorite of music is when the beat of the music drops and also i love the instrumental part of the music too. I feel it to be very relaxing to me.:relaxed:

Music has always been a part of me and my family. My music just used to LP and any artists related to them like DBS and FM. But over the past few years, my music taste has grown to liking certain artists like:
Alice Cooper,
Weird Al Yankovic,
Madonna and a few more like Def Leppard and Depeche Mode.

When I listen to a new song or album, I look out for meaningful lyrics I can relate to as well as the instrumental side of it as well.

Each song would be played twice until the end of the first chorus, I would look for the instrumental first then the lyrics, if the lyrics aren’t good then I download the instrumental.

I then listen to the whole song. Same thing again but if it decreases in its quality then I delete the song off unless the instrumental is worth keeping. (It’s a long process but it saves me space for more songs worth keeping)

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