Face ya darkest secret

hey guys, this is a free ya mind from all rubish thread, we can share our darkest secrets here, even with pics, songs, words, paints, whatever you can imagine! this cause it is a very funny thing about secrets: if ya talk about them, they are no secrets anymore, and they loose the impact on everydays life.right now my pic will follow… and today I like to share this:

Me :scream: PET bottles messie

Why must you always like this? (Read your email)

Anyway, you know I always use a lot of tissue:

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lol, checked email,so you can just make another try to complete it though? and as I know men are diffrent, a hint: the passion is important to feel… ( lol, everybody thinking bad,get blushed :joy:

:see_no_evil: OK I’m going off to eat now.

allright,have a good appetite…

@theearlywalker your email is bad taste :stuck_out_tongue:

yes I know, but I never said my taste is good…
hahaha :joy:
my second name is bad taste, but anyways , talking about taste on this thread means facing the worst taste error of life and sharing it,so, mine this:

eating it was disgusting

hey Sam, good morning Dude… :slight_smile:

Again the greeting in different thread everyday…

again moaning?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

*Morning lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

TY lol

Strangulation lol. :choke:

yes… hahaha :shower: now

btw about milk: I just loooove to drink ice-cold milk

Catwoman from batman

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The world is better empty