Eminem Megathread

(Not that discussion of Eminem is out of hand here and needs to be centralized, but naming the topic just “Eminem” seemed wrong).

I had an Eminem topic back on the old thread, but since I can’t edit posts anymore I can’t make it more relevant so…

Anyone else a big Eminem fan? I’d say next to Linkin Park, Eminem is a close 2nd place as my favorite artist. I’ve got nearly all the CDs (still missing a few because I’m waiting for good opportunities to get the special edition ones). I think my favorite album might be Recovery. While it’s not really even in the style of what people mostly know Eminem for, the story behind him changing his life around and the music as a whole on the album is amazing!

Here’s my current collection


Yeah man, Eminem’s my 2nd fave rapper :smiley:


I’m with you :heart_eyes: Love Eminem :kissing_heart:

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New freestyle

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