Email getting spammed from this site?

I need help on updating notifications. I seem to get an email for every activity on this site, that I’ve had to purge my inbox sub folder I’ve made for this site a few times because it gets into the 3-5000s. Does anyone know where to get it to at least slow down?


Within the emails there’s a reply to stop the notifications no? :confused:
If you’ve already checked the settings for an option to stop then maybe @derek or @jFar920 can better help you :slightly_smiling_face:
Or you could…you know…just hang out here and make more of the motifs yourself by joining the madness :crazy_face:


Go to your settings on the forum then change any settings under ‘emails’ that might be spamming you up.

These are my settings and I get no emails at all.



You tag them for this :exploding_head:
I should give you your own lecture :triumph:
. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::crazy_face:

Yea, be welcome @stormyhotwolf88 :joy:

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Lol, thank you!
apparently mailing list mode was enabled and so were Include an everpt of replied to post.

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I vaguely remember getting swamped for a day back when the feature was introduced, I promptly cut it off. lol

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:expressionless: I understood it as being some glitch that hadn’t been solved using the settings :triumph: