Echo Nomination

LP is nominated for the german echo prize, hope they´ll win, looking forward for them to come to germany to pick it up!

nice =] where to vote??

The prize is not awarded by a jury, but is tied to the sales and chart positions :wink:

That’s so great!

i hope you are buying all the CDs in the shops to make them win :stuck_out_tongue:


Hope they win!! :heart_eyes:

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I do my best :grin:

The very best: they come and play a concert on Sept 03. at Berlin, we will go there, and I made the order for the backstage meet&greet cards! I´m looking soooooooooooo forward to see them again! thanks to the lord above! :smiley:

Bummer! :cry:

AC/DC won? @melemi there will be next time.

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yes, ac/dc won. next time… yeah… 4 “echo´s” minimum :grin:

it´s only cause of we soldiers get our cd´s from our fanpage! If that would have been counted, they would be thew number one, won´t they?!
So we´re just…lost in the echo!

@melemi that should be the spirit :smile:
@P_Carciani maybe for next studio release, I will order my CD from Germany :stuck_out_tongue: