Drawings :)

All right, for now it’s just one, but I hope there will be some LP related drawings following… :slight_smile:
I just HAD to draw him _ :smiley:

I’m pretty knew but really would like to get to know you all a bit better… :smiley: So if you would like to add me I would be totally happy :smiley:

All right. Now trying to upload the drawing… uhm… keep the fingers crossed… never took this way to upload a drawing before… but… hope it works… o.O
Would be happy about a few comments :smiley:


All right it’s a bit small… o.O
Maybe this one works better?

And other people’s drawings are accepted?)) That is not mine, I myself bad paint … And Chester with his tattoo I hardly get))

I would say yeah, sure! :slight_smile:
I think it would be great to have a bit more talking about drawings and art and maybe to get help from those who are better :smiley:
Anyone there? :smiley:

Drawing is not my … But in my opinion turned out cool)


Fantastic drawings guys!!! Are awesome

The drawings are great!

dudes how can you work shadows like that? that’s crazy. i did some drawings and even just with that i was fed up with shadows haha.

what materials do you use ?

here i go

anything i could improve ?


Wow guys I love all the drawings… I haven’t drawn in awhile. I need to get back into it.

ok, i´m a bit late… but thx guys :smiley:

@soldier lion: wow amazing!!

your drawing is really cool!!
I just use normal pencils (2b-8b) and graphite pencils

how do you guys upload pics? I haven’t figured how to upload the pics bigger yet… help would be great :smiley:

OMG that Chester drawing is fkn amazing!!!

all these drawings are so good wow!

This is my drawing for “Breaking The Habit”:))) Black pen and felt-tip pen. I hope you like it:)

Great Drawing!!!

Really wel done!

First time to draw after years. Against your Artwork, mine is kept very very simple:laughing:


C’mon! It’s great! If you see how I draw you’d be like :no_mouth: :open_mouth: :zipper_mouth_face: :hushed: and I’m not exaggerating

Thank you! That pleases me :wink: I’ve tried my best. It took an evening to draw this little something. The most difficult thing was the Face. This had to be “perect”, otherwise you couldn’t distinguish it from an ape :joy: I hope my English is understandable and readable - i’m from Germany and i had English only in School and that’s long, long Time ago. I understand better than I can speak. So don’t laugh if my grammar is wrong :wink:

It’s understandable!

Then is good :sweat_smile: