Double Pass Purchase Question/RSVP Meet Greet

ok, so i just bought the plus membership AND a regular membership. i’m going to the concert with a friend, and if selected for the meet and greet wanted us both to be able to go, more so her than me, but on the RSVP page it just says you will only receive one pass, does that mean i just wasted 25 on a extra annual membership? or do my 2 memberships count as 2 entries?

thanks for any help.

It only counts as one overall but you get a two year membership…

thanks for the reply. any idea what name they go on when they give out the MNG? is it the shipping name, account name, etc? i guess i’ll just change it to her name so that if i get selected she can go. just not sure if it’s too late since the shipping name is mine.

You can try to contact ground ctrl and have the other membership moved over and setup a profile under her name. They call it “gifting a membership” then she could sign up for the m&g in her name.