Do You Have Any Famous Relatives

My surname is ‘Hähn’ and as you all know is Joe’s surname ‘Hahn’. And those two last names are coming from the same village. I mean… they’re having both their origin there. So it could be that I’m kinda related to Joe. Hahaha :smiley:

My aunt on my mums step-fathers side is one of the founder of IBM’s grandaughters and my Dads long term partner works on yachts for famous people, basically she is head of the crew that serve the guests on whatever tours she does. She has met literally everyone you could imagine, she even has Alan Sugars personal mobile number xD

i might be family to someone Real famous…
me and my mother tried to find out if it was true but we started off on the wrong foot
and since then we never could be botherd to try and search again

‘‘he and i got the same last name and its seem that last name is quiet rare so it is indeed possible that he is family but just from a far away relative. also he looks a lot like one of our other family members’’

he plays in the well known and famous crime serie law and order svu
(: i love that show lol

hmmmm, non, but who knows, i maybe that famous person [biggrin].

a chick in my homeroom at school is currently modeling in Paris

haha not really but my grandpa is in the newsletter a lot because he is in a man choir in church :smiley:

Not relatives, but my friend’s family is pretty famous around my hometown.

Are people actually allowed to tell others if they have famous relatives or friends? Because i did see people say yes to this question but they didn’t exactly typed a name. cool anyway:)

I’m thinking the same :smiley:

Ben Franklin is an uncle on my mom’s side of the family, and Randy Newman is on my Dad’s side, by marriage. He’s my aunt (dad’s sister) ex husband’s cousin, so my cousin’s second cousin, once removed. That make me related by marriage only, since they divorced. And if y’all don’t know who Randy Newman is, watch Toy Story or Monster’s Inc again.