Do you have a website / blog about linkin park?

Do you have a website / blog about linkin park?
Share your URL here.

I have (Finnish) blog but I now I haven’t updated it lately.
But then I have my LPU blog! :’)

i have a bloggie but its not mainly for lp

but i know of a awesome fan website of lp: cbn

my LP-Newsblog:
:slight_smile: it’s not the best, but I hope you like it :wink:

this blog is of my Friend Junior but sometimes I post:

I have a pretty-comprehensive list of Linkin Park’s live performances:

Mi Website,

Website dedicated to Linkin Park, Fort Minor, Dead By Sunrise.

Also we have Store, Special Coverages and much more…

If you guys want to Affiliates Sites send me an Email to:

I have a blog where I posted some photomanipulations and illustrations related to LP :

Eh, Not a blog, Since I only write on Paper most of the time, but I have my collection site and Pictures of my items Below :smiley:

Love to see your blog guys!!! :slight_smile: