Do LPU members that are on the one month free trial have limitations?

so umm i just used my LPU one month trial from living things and when i try to go somewhere, for example the link to a M & G or click on downloads at the bottom or chat, it says i need to be a member to use it. it asks for my email and password. when i put them in, all it says is "Welcome Back! Let your friends know you’re signed in. " and the page doesnt change.

so does the LPU one month trial have limitations to it?
id appreciate all the help i can get! thank you!

All LPU trial members only can check out the forums, photos, news posts, personal profiles and see what goes on here at the LPU. Some features of the website are still for full LPU members only, including the chat, LPU-TV episodes, and meet & greet RSVPs. You must join to access these features.

Ok thanks for the help! that really mad things clearer for me

Thank you!