Did your LPU Package arrived so far?

Hey all out there!

I just wanna ask you if you got your Package so far? 'Cause I come from Germany and it didn’t arrive yet… Just wanted to know if I am the only one :slight_smile:

Thank you and have a nice day!
Kevin :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m from germany too and mine also didn’t arrive yet. Hope it’ll be here in the next couple of days…

MIne has come =D yay!!

I’m from Germany, too and my package hasn’t arrived yet… hopefully we’ll get them very soon!! :smiley:

I got my package today! finally…I waited that almost two months :’)

No it didn’t but then I ordered a bit later
Hasnt even been sent yet :frowning:

im from norway, and my package isnt even shipped yet… it only says “pending”… >.<

And You forgot to make an unboxing video! :[

Thank you for the feedback!

Mine arrived today, with additional payment of a customs

And You forgot to make an unboxing video! :[

ooooh f…:smiley: that would have been so great video! my dog was jumping around me when I tried to open the package. Julius (the dog) is as grazy as his owner :’)

I got mines Dec 29, 2011. Mines took almost two months. I’m sure those who haven’t got it yet will get it soon :slight_smile:

I received it on Dec.24th last year [smile] Sounds like years ago [lol]
I really don’t know on which criteria they based the dispatch of the LPU11 packages. I’ve got French friends who haven’t received it yet. So chin up, it’s gonna arrive one day or another [wink]

mine also didn’t arrive yet

From Germany: arrived on december 30th

I’m from Finland and for me it took a week to get my package. It was shipped on the 14th of December and I got it in 21st of December.

I’m from Brazil and it didn’t arrive yet.

I’m totally anxious!

Do u guys see the shipped date at ‘your order history’ at your LPU account? My order status is READY??!! Can it be not yet shipped??

I order my package around November 26 or 27, 2011. I received my package on December 24, 2011. I don’t know why they take so long. I hope, you get yours soon.

My pack has arrived today. I made the video already :slight_smile: