Did anyone notice?

There’s no swearing in Living Things?
Or maybe I just didn’t notice lol.

I didn’t even notice but you’re right lol Just like Hybrid Theory and Meteora.

Keepin’ it classy as always LP!

Yeah, I noticed too. I honestly was a bit apprehensive today about buying it at Target cause it didn’t have the parental advisory label on it but then I listened and was like “Oh there’s no f*ck in this album”

Noticed it the second there wasn’t a PA warning on the cover. I got nothing against swearing in music, honestly I kinda like hearing Mike swear, but I like LP a lot for the fact that they are capable of making awesome music without relying on such words.

Hahahaaa! No need for swearing!

Yeah… I noticed. I prefer it this way.

I love it, I think it totally fits the idea of bringing back the old vibe/energy!

Also, on the back of the physical copy, track #12 Powerless has 13 dots instead of 12. I didn’t figure this out. I saw that someone posted it on there facebook page. Think its interesting.

Powerful lyrics, no need of “bad” words… classy. LOVE LP!

Woah! I just realized that. I like that since I listen to mostly clean music.