Deleting lpu account


How can i delete my account? I couldnt find an option.


Actually I think you can’t… why do you want to delete it if I can ask?

@jFar920 or @derek help here please


I’m not sure there is a feature, there’s a lot of basic features this place lacks.

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It’s paid for a year so you have to wait till the year ends and the account will be discontinued if you don’t pay it


No it won’t, the evidence is that I’m still here.

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I can delete forum users technically, but if the main account still exists, it may just make another forum account automatically. I unfortunately don’t have access to moderation on the main website

Edit: On the main website there’s an option to cancel your membership even if it’s the free one, doing that may delete it? Not willing to try myself


Where can I find the option to cancell the membership?? I’m just desesperated because I can’t afford it right now and I will get renewed :frowning:


It’s a yearly thing your good for the whole year