Deftones Thread

Finally making a thread for Deftones! Come on, they’re one of the bands that inspired LP.

They have kept a strong set of records (Gore too…for me at least), each exploring new territory and bending genre.
My own music style is inspired by Deftones and LP.
Anything Deftones
(Their next album is in the works, cant wait :metal:t4:)

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Deftones is one of my favourite bands. I love Gore but I think I love Koi No Yokan a little bit more (Rosemary is a pure masterpiece). And they’re pretty awesome live!


I’m not much of a fan of Adrenaline, but Around the Fur and above, are pure awesome-ness. Gore to me was a deep album, Phantom Bride and Hearts/Wires are my faves from it. Though Koi was terrific, Poltergeist being the banger!

And their energy live is crazy! I thank LP for introducing me to Chino and the crew!


Yeah, on Adrenaline the production quality is not that great- they recorded it very fast. Around the Fur is one of my favs. Loved them since I heard Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)!

Anyone reckon they’ll ever release Eros? Even in its incomplete state…

“This Place is Death” :joy: