Dallas Posttraumatic show Oct 28th

Wondering how we Texans can show Mike S our support? Signs? What should signs say?
“TX❤MIKE”?? OR #BLIKEMIKE "…??? How did other concerts do it? An so many signs? Every person print on out? The same one? I kinda didn’t want to do same saying on signs as other concerts. Something diff. What does Dallas Texas ticket goers think??

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Also glow sticks (if allowed in House of Blues) for In The End…which sign? I like TX❤MIKE.

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I definitely like the glow stick idea! I’m an OKC peep driving to Dallas, so hopefully I still count :wink:


Lets do it! Im fr Amarillo Tx. Lets post on here to bring glow sticks, if allowed in, for In the End. I hope he plays it . Prob some memorial he will do. Id like to do a sign but since some are not fr Tx…I just wanted something diff. Lije hlow in the dark signs or something. #BLIKEMIKE

I’m going to the Dallas show as well. Driving from Tulsa. Got the crossing a line vip package

Glow sticks on Chester tribute?? Allowed? Sign? Wanted something diff than others…

ill be going to this show as well! Cant wait!

See you people there!!!

Are we doin glow sticks…signs??

What time do you think is best to get in line if I have floor seats? I’ve only had floor seats to a few shows before, so I’m a little bit anxious…

Doors open I read at 7pm. Show starts at 8pm. So I guess 6? Theres always those fans that are there waaay early. Like 4 I guess. Im in balcony in a seat. Im to old floor!! Lol

I’m too old for floor, too, but that’s what i got lol. I was so excited i didn’t pay attention to seats haha. I’ll be driving from Austin soon. Safe travels for anyone driving in!

What time would you recommend getting in line?