Custom Mike Shinoda tattoo

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I wanted to say/do if I have the chance to meet the band again. I’ve seen other people who have asked Mike to doodle a little design for them to have tattooed. Personally, I love this idea, and I wanted to ask Mike to do the same for me if I do meet him again, since I’m in love with his art work. My question is, if you were to meet one of the guys, would you have them do something similar for you? Another example is people getting the guys’ signatures tatted. I would love to hear everyones opinions on this.


I personally would get an ambigram just cause I use to make them for fun and always saw something artistic in being able to read stuff upside down lol

I WOULD ask Mike whether he had any ideas as you said for a little cartoon doodle that would tie in to the flip effect thing or idk
Love the idea of getting one done that HE drew specifically for you though, how many people get that chance right?

Not nicest I’ve seen I’d try to make one but yeah:


Personally I find it silly to tattoo signatures/band logos even lyrics so it’s something I’d never do. Art from Mike? It has to be a really unique doodle, otherwise I can just have one of his signature skulls framed or something, I don’t think it’s tattoo material. Plus, it’s something everyone does now, where’s the creativity in that? But in the end, that’s just me.

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Personally, I have a Linkin Park tattoo. Nothing fancy, just the insignia with Chester’s flames coming off it.

A tattoo is a very personal thing an others shouldn’t really have an influence on whether or not you should get something. I thought about the design of mine for four years and I couldn’t be happier with it. I’m hoping to one day get the guys’ signatures around it and have them tattooed.

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In M&G of 2014 I asked to Mike for a drawing to get tattooed and he did it :heart:


That’s really cool!
Did you go through and get it done? What was it? :sweat_smile:

I would ask Mike to draw whatever comes to mind first or what he thinks of first when meeting. I don’t know, I think I’d just like for him to be spontaneous

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Exactly what I was thinking! I want it to be unique :slight_smile:

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No, not yet. I haven’t enough money for tattoos now hahahaha but for sure i’ll do it.

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I saw on linkin park’s instagram story the other day, Mike was talking to 3 girls who had the same idea as me with custom Mike Shinoda doodle tattoos. I’m totally doing this when I meet him this August…

When I met him in 2013, I asked him “please to draw anything”!
I was too much tense and was able to request nothing.
But, as for me, his picture is my lifetime treasure!


Is the color something your tattoo artist came up with? I absolutely love it!!!

Thank you :slight_smile:
Because I wanted to do his drawing more individually, I chose the colors with a tattoo artist!
I surely request the next tattoo to him if I can meet Mike again in November :wink:


That’s awesome!

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Thank you :blush:
And I can go to M&G again :heart::heart::heart:

Congrats! Your tattoo looks really good :grin:
I hope I will get a custom tattoo someday, too :pray:

Hey there, love that tattoo. So Mike didn’t mind people asking him to draw artwork to be tattooed? I’d like to do the same if I win a meet and greet.

I’ve seen sooo many people do the same, and as long as there isn’t a time restraint or something I couldn’t imagine him saying no. :slight_smile:

Thanks! I’m planning to request at M & G because I want to respect his private time.

Had you already booked your tattoo appointment by the way? Not sure how to do it as they don’t announce the meet and greets til the day before I think, and obviously if I don’t get a meet and greet then no tattoo lol