Ct meet and greet

I waited 8 years to go to a m@g and it was so
quick I thought I would get at least speak with
Them or a picture. I am a huge huge fan but
I was extremely disappointed. I never miss a
Show(s) when they are in the Ny area. Listen
to them all day. I just expected more then a signature
and a pushed through. Is it always like that?

No, usually LPU’ers are supposed to get a group picture with the band but they were running late for this show so they couldn’t do it :frowning:

I had a meet and greet pass for Auburn Hills and I expected a little longer with the band and a chance to talk to them a little as well. I am happy I met them, but it was so rushed that I cant even remember most of it. It was a blur. I did tell Chester that I love the new album and he replied “thank you” which was cool.

We seriously waited a long time once Adam took us down. I know the band has to chill and what not, but a few minutes with their hard core fans wouldn’t be the end of the world. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy I got the experience, but I wish it was longer especially waiting so long for the experience.