C's birthday - End of March


We’re trying to plan something to celebrate C’s birthday at the end of March in Lille, France (it’s near Paris, near Belgium, near England).

Here is a link to a form: we have to find the date! Please complete it and share it with other people who can be interested in this event.



Uhhhh, apologies in advance, and in NO way, shape, or form please don’t take this as being rude, buuttttttt, English por favor…!!..Wow, At this moment I’m talking to myself out loud, holy sh**stains, imagine making out there for C’s birthday event you guys are planning…!!..OMG…I know exactly what would happen. I would meet another LP soldier there, get obliterated, and never go back home…
Hmmmmmm…lol… I would have to send for my baby girl “Ruth” as in Babe Ruth, don’t worry, she’s a Rottie, my baby girl…!!
Ahhhh F-that, I would just take her with me when I go. Problem solved…!!..ok, now I just need some soldiers to pass around the bucket, fill it with enough $$$ so I can get plane tickets…!!..lol…
Alrighty then…”talk” to u guys tomorrow…
Have a great night…Peace…Mark.

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