Creating sentences using band names


Fun game idea that popped up in my head: create sentences using band names only.

One rule: use at least 3 band names.

I’ll start: Phophets Of Rage Rise Against The Noise Figures At The Drive In.


Foo Fighters are are always do the Calling about Who they are (lol- that way? ) :joy: could be fun indeed

Rolling Stones are hitting The Damned and Smashing Pumpkins :joy:


I had some Korn flakes from a Red box while sitting in Darwin’s Waiting Room. :joy:


Hahah I was thinking of just using the words in the name, but this could be funny as well



When Linkin Park and Metallica met at Shinedown, they knew it was A Day to Remember


Nice one!

The Flaming Lips Kiss Nine Inch Nails Thrice :joy:


If you eat Pearl Jam with Red Hot Chili Peppers daily, you will have a Life of Agony.


I Refused to give into the Pain as I took Nine Lashes. :stuck_out_tongue:


The Vampires always like The Darkness as if they come out of it, they would be Dead By Sunrise.


Saliva started to drip as I cooked a Turtle Skull in the Skillet.

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I was Asking Alexandria to go to the Funeral for a Friend (reason of death: eating Pearl Jam with Red Hot Chili Peppers daily), but she Refused.


Life On Planet 9 has left me feeling Disturbed, but As I Lay Dying , I contemplate how I will tear through hell Like A Storm. I’ll confront Satan and say “Hey Satan, this is Our Last Night, for you are on my Blacklistt and on this night I will Set The Charge and blow your world into oblivion.” The walls will be Staind with the blood of the slain, the tormented screams Of Broken men will Pierce The Veil of silence. You may try to Dodge but I will emerge from the Blindspott and you will have the choice of Fight Or Flight. For as the Black Light Burns you will be condemned to an eternity of Justin Bieber, whereas I…I Prevail.


You win, game is over :joy:


Lol, didn’t know it was a competition. I felt like I could have done better though. :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s not a competition, though your post is the biggest yet haha


Please edit this. It ruins the otherwise impressive post.


Actually, the issue isn’t that which you point out, but that I’ve made the end ambiguous. Give me a moment to eliminate the ambiguity…

EDIT: Fixed.


Now that we are well versed in doing stupid stuff, what if we do a cross over of this topic and “Once Upon a Time” series and start a story with each one writing a line(s) that should feature a band name or song name.

Shoutout to @gatsie as she was one of the original writers for the series who hasn’t made a comment yet on this thread.

Here we go:

It was A Day to Remember. The spacecraft was only 30 Seconds to Mars when everything went Blur. The crash was the Story of the Year. We knew we were only Two Steps from Hell as the ship Refused to Rise Against the Brand New enemy we were witnessing for the first time.
Our ship was named Dawnbringer. Who would have guessed it would be Dead by Sunrise and be a Deafheaven. To be the first to step on the Mars was our Muse, our Nirvana, but it seemed a faraway fantasy now. Each of us wondered if we had enough Placebo to withstand the crash. We tightened our seatbelts and held to The Doors before the ship came crashing on the Riverside.


Oh Muse, Bring Me The Horizon and Nothing More but All Good Things will come.


Nice idea :blush:… so let’s see

… crashing on the riverside. The Doors were Smashed into Pieces and The Passengers were all doing the Scream of their life …