Contest and email problem

HI! I’m new and I hope this is the right category of the forum to write about my problem. I would like to subscribe to the contest (Minutes to midnight+socks) but when I click on the link the site says: “This contest requires that your email address is verified”. What can I do?

It might be that you have to go dig in your emails for a verification from when you joined, not sure though or you can always email them
Someone else might have more though :slightly_smiling_face:

If I remember correctly, to just have to find the confirmation email and that’s all.

You also need to be a LPU member to participate, which it doesn’t say that you are in your profile.

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Did you figure it out? It appears your profile says you have an active membership now

Yes, I’m a LPU member, but when I subscribed (in november) I have not received the confirmation email. So maybe this is the problem :frowning:

I believe I helped someone else with an issue similar to this in the past, let me look and I will get back to you.

Edit: Found it

Thanks, I will try this way.

I’ve tried, it didn’t work. I’ve tried to change my email, but I can’t because the site says “You do not have permission to complete this action”.:hushed:

I contacted the site, I hope they can understand what went wrong with my email :frowning:

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Did they get back to you?

I have the same problem: I orderd a bundle including the membership but everywhere it says, I’m no LPU Member. I assumed I’d get the code for the membership with the bundle, but now everyone talks about a code in an E-Mail, but I never got an Email (only the receipt and the newsletter confirmation I already confirmed years ago).
So it seems that I have the same problem: never got the Email with the LPU membership confirmation

I’ve received a reply, they asked me about my number of order, but I have only a digital membership. While I was still waiting for another reply, while I was looking in my account, I’ve conneted it with facebook. Then I’ve tried to click on the contest…and it worked!:open_mouth: But I don’t know if it was because of what I’ve done or they made something. (Sorry for my english, if I wrote something wrong :sweat_smile:)

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Can you tell me where to write to? Do you have an address or something, then I can write them too

I went on I made log in and clicked on “Contact”.

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