Congrats to Linkin Park for the #AMA's

His instastory was hilarious i think they were just self-entertaining and some journalists took the trolling too seriously :wink: love them so much they definitely deserved it although i did tear a little when chester’s voice played when they were called out and then mike dedicating it to chester…miss him :cry:


Remember the commercial with the old people who hand all their electronic devices to their grand-kids & say “Happy to see you! (Hands them all their electronic S*#$%) …How does this work? HOW DOES ANY OF THIS STUFF WORK?”

THAT IS ME RIGHT NOW! NEVER TWEETED. NEVER BEEN AN LPU MEMBER OR POSTED. (I do follow Mr. Shinoda’s Instagram & was cracking up). RIP Chester. Much love to you always, your family & LP. I just want to say congratulations from the bottom of my heart. I am thankful for what I have just like Mr. Shinoda said at the awards. Fan or artist…appreciate what you have. <3 Peace and love from West Coast Arizona.


Hey @elainelpfan welcome here! I hope you have amazing experiences with this big #LPFamily :blue_heart:

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Thank you! I’m so glad to connect with an amazing group of people.
Hey my first reply! :footprints: Baby steps.