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Now I understand why some people randomly comment on threads that have no relation to the topic whatsoever - It’s just a way to get points for being social. Now i’ve caught on the trick: so anyone can just randomly comment on this page to be “sociable” :slight_smile:

ps. Does anyone know why LP never plays “Hit The Floor” from the Meteora Album? It’s one of my favorite songs !

I hope this isn’t on of those awkward threads which no one comments/replies fingers-crossed

Haha, I will reply to you =]
Yeah, “Hit The Floor” is awesome, but maybe they don’t play it because they have newer tracks to play live & when they play the old ones live they choose the singles first maybe? I dunno.

POSTWHORE THREAD IS BACK :smiley: [/shouting]

great idea :slight_smile:

Hit the Floor if they played only during the LPU Tour 2003. From there no longer they played anymore.

i don’t think posting on forum gives points for being sociable. that’s what i know so far from watching my own points, no points movement after posts. don’t know if it’s rewarded after certain amount of posts tho. mods, can you help clarify?

I only notice a difference in points when I post on a members profile. If we got points from posting in the forums it would be way to easy to collect points

You get one point for commenting on a video

Gotta agree. You ain’t getting any.points for commenting on the forums

U dont get points for forum posts sorry :PP

Yeah I haven’t gotten any points for forum posts. You get ten for posting a blog, and one for posting on somebody’s profile. That’s as far as I’ve noticed.

It’s sort of a bummer because that means I’d have to talk to everyone individually rather than as a group :stuck_out_tongue:
I kinda miss the random pointless threads.

They played in once or twice (search on YouTube) but this song is really hard to play live because of the screaming, just watch the live video, you’ll hear how Chester struggles with the screaming parts in Hit The Floor. It’s harder then keeping the tone for Crawling, Runaway etc etc.

lol!!spam to the max!!