Collision Course 8 Years later

from the entire catalog of Linkin Park and Jay-Z (including ‘Watch The Throne’), what songs do you guys think would work and what songs would you like to see mashed up?

Collision course 2 ideas


Collision course 2 ideas[/quote]

Wow this is awesome work!

I say another rapper could do it… Jay Z again? He is a gr8 rapper, but who else can do some awesome work?

Mmh… I don’t know a single Jay-Z song except the ones from Collision Course. He’s boring, I think this kind of album was good once, but I couldn’t imagine it twice.


Collision course 2 ideas[/quote]

Wow, that’s absolutely wonderful! I would purchase that album immediately! Great work. I’m amazed. :slight_smile:

I haven’t heard any Jay-Z songs (except for those on Collision Course) but I like mash-ups for some reason.

Thank you, glad you guys like them!

This is just so freakin’ awesomee. Thanks for such hard work:)

I wanna see LP and Fort Minor…


I don’t want another album with Jay Z on it, Mike said in an interview that he would like to work with eminem or dr dre which would be a dream come true for me since eminem is my second favourite artist and dr dre is also one of my favourite rappers

Saying Jay Z is boring just means you are not really into rap LOL. Jay is one of the most creative rappers alive and a forefather of real rap and hip hop. Start back in the day, him and Nas, they were unstoppable, and then Jay did collision course, then he did an album recently with Kanye West that made Kanye better, Jay is a rap genius.

Now on to the topic, no doubt mixed with linkin park you have to go with Hard Target, or Solystic, EMINEM WOULD BE A DREAM COME TRUE. Dre but he has been missing in action for years, BRAILLE would rap real well with Linkin Park and mix well. Aesop Rock, Jedi Mind Tricks, Brother Ali, Del the funky homosapien, or someone like Mac Miller who is actually pretty freaking good, very surprised at his skill level, or MGK would kill it with LP.



Collision course 2 ideas[/quote]

Good job.