Collection Email from Computicket

Hey guys, any news on when Computicket or LPU will be sending out those emails for us to go and collect our tickets?

No news yet…I’m sure they will let us know sooner to the time. 99 days :slight_smile:

No news on the presales tickets…

Have some patience on the LPU team, I’m sure they’ll get that sorted before the ZA event!

Thanks you two! …can’t help by being a little jealous of the guys that have physical tickets direct from Computicket…

My catch phrase or answer to any question has been…
" have you met your deadline yet? "
me…“no, but I have LP tickets! wham!!..”

Hahaha! …i’m sure you have the same feeling :slight_smile:

I guess it all comes down to faith and patience ha ha… I can’t wait

I would really feel better if i had those tickets in my hands!!!

Ive spoken to both Big Concerts and Computicket.

They will send out the emails during the course of the next three weeks. The problem lies with the LPU that hasnt transfered to details to Big Concerts yet… So we have to maar wait : )

Gave both computicket and bigconcerts a call today and Big Concerts are still waiting. They should be out in the next 2 weeks.

So we looking at the first week in September =\ =/ This is making me nervous.

Here’s the number if you want to badger them: 011 759 7215.

Well… they have been saying TWO WEEKS… for like… since I bought my tickets… this is now far longer than two weeks…

I’m really getting nervous too… Computicket replied to me that it can take a “few weeks” … surely they should have received something by now?

Please let me know if any of you have any updates…

Spoke to Big Concerts telephonically yesterday after bugging Computicket on Twitter and Facebook. They advised that they are delayed but Big Concerts and LPU are working together to get the letters out within the next 3 weeks… (Like we havent heard that before).

What is more worrying is that I still do not have my laminate :frowning:

Hi Cloudene your guess is as good as everyone elses,and it is becoming extremely frustrating as South Africans not knowing anything,everyone keeps getting told 3 weeks.Really unprofessional