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Hey Katelyn, My friend Debi has replied to you also. We have been trying to win tix forever!!! We have triied calling KROQ, 98.7 & tried to get them on the day they were giving them away but no luck…we even have bidded on e-bay which I think is really crappy cuz those people are trying to be soo greedy! We would love to donate to Music for Relief as we are members of that also…we love Linkin Park (especially Chester) ha ha They are all so talented! I need to be lovin on some Linkin Park!!! Please pick us! You won’t regret it!

Lisa Mays 909-268-1484 Text me please…

Hi Katelyn.

Glad I saw this.

We’ve been trying to find tickets for one of our members of our personal LPU group on Facebook- we all “met” at House of Blues in May, and we are now as if we’ve known each other for years.

I myself am now housing one of our members from Chicago; she came for Jimmy Kimmel Live. Since we hadn’t personally all known each other at HOB, we were all excited beyond reason to have her come- and just for a Kimmel recording!

So, being our first time truly together as a group, and being such an exciting week for Linkin Park fans, another friend in our group decided to give her his Nokia ticket, so that her trip all the way out here without her husband and kids can truly be a Linkin Park experience.

A stranger to him, basically, and he wants her to have his ticket.

I am sure we can all round up donations as a group to give to thank you for this chance and give to Music for Relief.

Please let us know, and again- thank you for this chance to us on LPU.

Best, Natasha Lopez de Arenosa

Heya Katelyn.

I am only in Los Angeles area for a short period of time to see my dad, who I get to see all of 5 weeks of the year, and I normally live in south Florida. This has been the only time I have ever been in the area of a Linkin Park concert happening in LA, and I would adore being able to go with my dad- who I rarely get to see but love with all my heart (or with my stepmom, since my dad may be tired from work tomorrow but she can’t work, so this would be something special for us both).

Being able to go would be my only way of seeing Linkin Park, seeing as they’re not coming to Florida any time soon. Also, this would be one of my very few chances to see them with my dad or stepmom since they aren’t as well off as my mom ( who I live with in Florida), so these free tickets would be our chance to actually do something incredible together. My older sister was able to do more with them since she when visited, things were far better off financially with my dad, but now is far worse. Please, this would be the high light of my year to be able to see my favorite band with my dad or stepmom. They would both have an amazing time- and hey, epic family time, don’t you think?

I have been trying to win these tickets since I heard about the concert earlier this month. I’ve been trying to win from 98.7FM when I was studying for finals back in Florida, failure there. Tried to get the ones the LPU gave out- I was refreshing from 9:30am to 10:30am with no luck. Tried KROQ, again failed. My parents have been trying to help out too but none of us have had any luck. Bad luck keeps hitting us as one of their cars broke done but will finally be good by tomorrow, along with other complications that have made it a dreary summer for my folks.

Linkin Park has been my favorite band for years- being able to see them with my dad or stepmom? Best night. Ever. Don’t care if I get to meet them (though I would LOVE to) but just being able to experience a concert of there’s again… would be perfect.
I was not able to go to House of Blues, Jimmy Kimmel, etc. I’ve been able to listen to Living Things (and love it thoroughly) and see the movie event (but only because I had these free movie ticket passes so we only had to pay for my student ticket).

I haven’t much to give in exchange for a MFR donation. At most I could offer is, sadly, 20$?

Thank you, good night. I hope you make the right choice.
Cell: 561 789 8090

(Sorry if this sounds sort of jumbled- I was about to sleep.)

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