Civic tour meet & greet

Hi.I’m going to join the meet & greet in Mountain View!
So excited! :slight_smile:
so I have a question… Is the meet & greet before incubus or after incubus’s performans?
I go with a friend who isn’t a Lpu member,so I should tell my friend what time I have to
Go for the meet & greet. My friend are going to stay alone for a while so…


My meet and greet process took place during Incubus’ set. Saw them perform 2 songs then it was time to go to the meeting location. We waited at that location for an hour while Adam checked names and logistics. The meet and greet let out during Incubus’ last song…

Thank you so much for the’s so helpful for me…
My friend and I are going to come from Japan to see these grate two bands.
I won’t miss incubus…I’ll think about it.thanks again!

Wow!! Have a safe and fun trip :slight_smile: