Cincinnati stop august 22nd

hey my name is dustin, i got seats for section 200 row A, seat 28 i believe. i will be by myself so if your in row sitting close to me let me kno. this way it won’t be so awkward during the show haha

Hey I’m Allison, and I just got my ticket for Riverbend.
I will be in the pit though… And I’m hoping they do a meet and greet for our show it would be awesome! lol

I’m Jordan, and I’ll be in the Pit too at Riverbend. :slight_smile:

I just bought my ticket for the show. I’m excited to be there. I’m also rolling solo. I’ve never been to a concert by myself lol.

I’m sitting Section 100, Row D, Seat 113.

Hey everyone, I’m Bob, and also got pit tix. See you at Riverbend!

Pit tickets here as well. =\

i just wanna meet who will be sitting next to me haha

Hey man, don’t worry even if your by yourself scream your lungs out haha. No one will care. I’ll be in the pit as well with you others!

I would love to say I would be in Section 300 with my girlfriend but somehow groundctrl didn’t “assign” my tickets to my order even though I got a confirmation e-mail. Now they have to refund my $196 and told me the best seats they could offer me now were in Section 700. This is absolutely ridiculous