Cincinnati meet and greet

does anyone who got a meet and greet for the cincinnati show wanna meet up inside the venue at some point? it would be a nice way to meet other members of the lpu and we can also figure out where we are supposed to meet up at so no one misses out on the meet and greet with the band!

This would be very helpful actually! I’m not even entirely sure where we get our M&G passes at…lol

if more people start posting on this, tomorrow night we can figure out a good meeting spot haha.

I got the meet and greet email yesterday. Only thing I’m worried about is how long it will be. I’m super excited that I was chosen as I’ve always wanted to meet LP, but my wife who is going to the show with me is pregnant and I don’t want to leave her out by herself for too long. If it was any of my friends, no problem, but kind of between a rock and a hard place.

I got an email about the meet & greet and I’m going to the concert with a friend. I was planning on getting to Riverbend at around 5 because I wasn’t exactly sure where/what time to meet for the meet & greet. I saw doors open at 5, but I had no idea where we’re supposed to meet.

Also, the email says meet & greet location info will be posted 3 hours before LP’s performance, so does that mean we’re gonna be clueless about where to meet until 6ish or does that mean 3 hours before the concert time?

Tomorrow is the big day!!! I received my M&G e-mail Sunday and it was the most exciting news ever. Going out today to buy a new copy of Hybrid Theory for them to sign, can’t wait for tomorrow.

That’s what I’m doing too!

I’m getting my Minutes to Midnight fabric poster that’s up in my room signed by em tomorrow. You’ll know it’s me when you see this huge thing. Lol

i’m gonna buy one of the limited edition tour posters to get signed haha

So since the show is tomorrow, anyone wanna figure out a time/place to meet so we’re not all lost? I’ll be there around 4:45 so I can meet you guys anytime after. I don’t quite remember what the place looks like but I think in front of the merchandise shop could be a decent place to meet.

Me, my girlfriend (who also got a M&G), and a friend (who isn’t a LPU member, will be there. Love to meet up with some fellow LPUers and chat and rock out tomorrow night! Just tell us where to meet!

there is usually a merch area next to where the pnc pavilion thing is when you enter through the side entrance instead of the main one at riverbend. does that sound like a good place to everyone?

I’ll probably enter through the main area but I can meet by that merch area if we figure out a time.

well, i will have on a shirt that says electric on it, tan colored shorts and black vans with odd weird socks, possbly an obey snapback hat. if you see me just walk up.

I’ll have on brown shorts, a black LP Underground shirt, and black Nikes. And I’ll probably be the only brown person there so…kinda hard to miss.

I will have on Blue jean shorts, a black/white/yellow LP shirt, and Grey/Black/White Nike’s with yellow shoe laces. Should be hard to miss :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m BrandonR24’s girlfriend lolz. I can’t wait to meet everyone :slight_smile:
I think the merch table would be a good place to meet lol
I still don’t know what I’m wearing [eek]
Well see everyone there!

Do we have a time to meet?