Which are you referring to?

to the mix? sry too late to be logic, me just spirit now, so I say: the emotional mix btw me and you…
@samuel_the_leader never ask, if ya won t get the answerr :stuck_out_tongue:

find the odd one

join the plug @yolo5494!

ok how do i do to enter

ya find all here!

Odd is that this thing doesn’t have those red fringes on one of the hands.

hey @jabinquaken nice you here :stuck_out_tongue:

the odd on this? the face of the puppet?

Hey. Just decided to show some signs of life.

life is so worthfull :hugging:

The segment of the preview window?

no those should be here

precise plz

it’s the mouth?..

no try again :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

the red stripes on the left arm?

no it should be there XD

the message pop up under left corner?

no It’s IDM BTW)