Chester's first band Grey Daze releases album featuring his vocals

Chester’s first band Grey Daze releases album featuring his vocals.
And I think this needs it’s own topic.
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Thank you so much, from France, that was and is still a great idea. Thank you Talinda and everyone, all fans, to keep the light. I’m sure Chester sees it from …above. Many hugs

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I’ve been so excited for this!! I can’t wait to listen to it once it comes out :grin::grin::grin:

official teaser for ‘what’s in the eyes’ - will be released tomorrow on January 16th.

It’s really good :sunglasses: :star_struck: :metal:t2:


An interesting article by Sean from Grey Daze and Talinda:

It’s very interesting to hear about Chester from people who knew him and I like their honesty in how they dealt with grief. It must have been a constant battle with his depression. Stopping his meds was very dangerous (especially when he lost Chris). It is extremely insightful when people talk so honestly about their experiences and I hope the proceeds of sales do help those suffering from the same disease.

There is a slight anti-Linkin Park undertone to the interview. Sorry Grey Daze but Linkin Park were his best friends and musically his true love (Chester once said he’d sleep around but Linkin Park would always be his girl which is weirdly beautiful). I feel Grey Daze is like an ex who thinks they have the right to take centre stage of a person they once knew. You didn’t know Chester musically anymore. Linkin Park helped him find his voice and allowed him to express his pain and anger in a constructive manner. We value what Grey Daze are doing by continuing Chester’s memory and allowing his death not to define him. Chester loved music and he would want everyone to enjoy what he created, not to forget it.

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This was very well-done. I love Stryker.

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I think it’s so beautiful to hear the heart in soul. I give credit where credit is do and the guys work so hard to make so special to finish what they started with Chester​:heart::star2: precious!

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I won’t buy an album from people who cast shadows on the relationship between Chester and the rest of LPs.


I don’t think that’s really the point or in the spirit of this album. It’s about keeping Chester’s memory alive and allowing his music to define him rather than his death. Also, I believe some profits will go to charity (320) and Chester’s family so buying doesn’t mean you’re dishonouring Linkin Park, I’m sure they’ll support anything that helps Chester’s family. I don’t think this type of hate is necessary.

The problem isn’t the album itself but the behavior of some band members.
Have you noticed how some LP fansites (like LPLive) have stopped promoting the album on social media?

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I don’t follow that stuff but it should be about the music. Everyone is flawed. Sean is a twat, but it’s not about him. You make it about him and you’re missing the point.

I listen to bands for the music, I don’t give a toss about any sort of drama, it’s beneath me.


The point is I don’t support the work of a band that insinuates things between Chester and LP and that uses people who trashed Mike Shinoda.


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