Chester Memorial - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Hello everyone, I just wanted to express my condolences to the band and to the whole Linkin Park family, who accompanies us from our adolescence until the days of today.
Sadly, we are going through a heartbreaking moment, but we wanted to show that this Sunday we join forces and brothers soldiers to pay tribute to Chester and the band that we respect and love so much.
These are the photos of the meeting we had yesterday:
Where we could express ourselves and support us in this difficult time that we are going through. I hope you guys like them, and feel accompanied by all of us.
We love Linkin Park and we miss them already. We can only thank them for everything they have done for us, which is much more than they think.

Thanks Linkin Park, no matter what, we will always love u.

And thanks also to Soldiers Argentinos for generate this space of reunion and friendship that helps to not be alone in these times.



A beautiful and sad moment that many were needing. Hugs and stay Strong! :confused:

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