Chester Bennington & Jonathan Davis

I don’t know if any of you guy have really though about it but,

if you have listened to the song SYSTEM or the remix of 1stp closer,

it would have been awesome to see them make an album.

I mean they are 2 powerfull and great vocalist that can open such an

emotion on theirs lyrics and the way they use it

“System” truly is one of the greatest songs out there, as well as “1stp Klosr.” Love them both! I get chills every time I listen to Chester sing “System”!!! [eek]

Never heard of system but what LP fan HASNT heard the remix of one step closer? lol

1Stp Klosr is a brilliant remix, they work really well together, love System too! love the live version when Jonathan Davis comes on stage with them :slight_smile:

Yeah, type it on youtube and you will see :wink:

One Step Closer (Reanimated) is unquestionably my favorite linkin Park song and I’m glad someone gave it it’s props. Amazing song! Both versions of “System” are great but vocally Chester may surpass Jonathan a little much to be on an entire album together.

yeah…i love the song…ost queen of the damned right?
i love both of em

I love this song. I love both of them

system is one of my favourit songs!

system is awesome, i heard the one from the movie and i like chester’s version much better :3
and 1sc remix is awesome