Chat Room (TLPTV2)


I really hope it works for you very soon @AJ_7

And how are right now
Haven’t seen you in awhile

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probably Spanish (because you are from Mexico that never belonged to Portugal. at that time, we chose Brasil :brazil:). but Portugal and Spain’s history is very connected. It’s a kind of love/hate relationship :joy:


Alright @alz89 @jrtrussell its settled, you guys are welcome to join.


:frowning: you had me hopeful :grimacing: haha jk
I’m not sure who chose best :see_no_evil: Brazil or Mexico :joy: we’re both ehhhh… troubled :joy:


No shiznitt,
@alz89, @jrtrussell, if you guys want to message me on there, 1-916-719-8397 Then I can add you guys in, I assume you wouldn’t want your numbers up on here and I’ve already given mine sooo figure that’s the easiest :joy:


You shared your number in public!!??!! :scream: :smiling_imp: :crazy_face:

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I’ve done it before that’s what I meant :joy::joy: @intheend gave me lots of trouble for it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: and then Dani and a few people from the area have messaged me randomly saying they found it here :sweat_smile::joy: that’s how I met the group from nearby for the memorials :grin: a girl named Laurie messaged me about it :crazy_face: so whatever damage possible has already been made :joy:

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Lmaoooo! :joy: :joy: :rofl:


I was going to give mine, just when they are here. I don’t need any spam calls lol.


Lol I accused the crazy bunny of doing that :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Edit: :thinking: a few minutes after posting it, I get a weird call from Ohio :thinking: coincidence? I think notttt! :crazy_face:


Whaaat?? :hushed:


:joy::joy: it was steph trying to prank call me :roll_eyes::joy::grin:


I tried to save and then message you but didn’t work do I need to ass anything in front of the numbers?



No,:thinking: maybe no dashes, if it’s not working then email me your number to

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ive emailed you…think it might be easier…thanks!


Ok, I think I messaged you on WA, not sure if you’ve gotten it yet :upside_down_face:

Try opening the app to see if you have messages :grin:

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Bout to say, i’m innocent lol.


nope not yet…maybe you need to add in +44 to mine…but not sure haha


Of course! Make sure to add the country code or it doesn’t work!

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It worksssss :crazy_face: