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I’m not the best keyboard player and I don’t prentend to be. Sometimes I like to turn on my Yamaha E353 and play random keys, I tend to record those moments, and sometimes I create some interesting things.

Recently I had to creat an account on SC to upload my files. The audio is not the best (I need to learn about how to better the quality of the audio), but I really like to share with all of you these pieces of experiments. Don’t expect a masterprice pretty well done and worked, because I’m not that type of person jajaja.

I will be posting occasionally some “songs.” And if someone want to share their own creation/experimental song feel free to do it.

PD: In case somebody ask: This has nothing to do with Onirics, it’s just me in my free moments.


The Mist:

Also it has an “official video”

Empire Melody:


You should try to expand on some of the ideas in Empire Melody! It features some interesting melody ideas that could evolve into a solid track :slight_smile:

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out of likes! have this! :heart: :blush:

I will be using this topic to share the random things I do in my free time.

  • Photos
  • Photos with effects
  • Draws
  • “Music”
  • Videos
  • Etc.


Using the “photos editor” of Word:



The “idea” behind this pictures is simply:

  • I was looking for something that represented my vision of Brooding.
    And I guess I got it.

  • I divided the song in three “acts” for the ambientation.

  • For the message itself the trees of the right are more dark and “deformed” than the ones in the left. Representing the fear to the future and the insecurity the guy feels.

  • Those “holes” in the highway are inner wounds that are dragging him down.

  • The walk he has in from of him is how he sees where he is stand up.

  • Those lines that are close to him represent his throughts in a doble way (say what’s in his head to be free; what he says can hurt him because of the consecuences.)


The last one looks like a cake to me lol.

I began to listen to The Mist and at one moment my mum (who was doing something near) began to sing. :joy:

This is great @IronSoldier16, I am also trying to reflect myself more artistically in a way. I want to pick up my habit of drawing again and such. I tend to write A LOT of stuff besides just lyrics generally. What I want to experiment now is painting. Just get a canvas and let my ideas flow for certain songs that I named. I have a couple of drawings i did back in 2013/2014m, If you guys want I can take pics of them and I can share them :stuck_out_tongue: , thanks for this thread!

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What was singing her?

@Woco21 I hope see your soon :slight_smile:

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Sorry I took 10 days to post, but here are 4 examples of my art, 2 being part of a compilation mixtape I gave to my friends lol:

20180816_085036 20180816_084959 20180816_085051 20180816_085114 20180816_085244 20180816_085234

1- An alien having the munchies
2- Drawing I used for my 1st mixtape, Willis is what my close friends call me lol.
3- A little pun I made about a pancake being flipped :wink:
4- This was originally supposed to be a tattoo idea for a friend, though I eventually used the pic for my 4th mixtape.
5/6- Pics 1 and 3 which I eventually used for my last compilation mixtape I made for my friends.

I believe I have some more, If anyone would like to see, lemme know. And thanks once again @IronSoldier16 for starting the thread!


Your comics style is really cool!! :star_struck: :smile: :heart_eyes:

My brother does exactly this!. He sits at his keyboard for minutes and experiments and records it onto my phone. These remind me of his demos

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Soo good!n :smiley::smiley:

01 Among the Unknown

02 The Ascent of the Descent

03 First Points

04 Nameless

06 Confused Ocean

07 Dancing in the Sand

08 Speed

09 Tetric Song

10 Empire Melody
See post #2

11 The Mist
See post #2


Going to give them all a listen soon, busy at the moment

Take your time :slight_smile:

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When the other thread dies, here will be the next volume XD


Lmao pendejo
The description is off :rofl:

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You think? :joy: Change it :wink: