Chat on everything except One More Light T-Shirt (by OP: LOL!)

I don’t want to throw it in the bin, I’d rather someone can enjoy it, I’m trying to sell or give away a like new One More Light T-Shirt (size small), I prefer medium. I would like £10 or something just because it cost me whatever it was new (£30 maybe). But if you’re broke, just have it for free if you want. (I don’t know why the colour went weird on the first picture).
Based in London. Thanks.PSX_20190606_161550 PSX_20190606_161419


Hi, I’m just wondering if you still got the T-shirt.
Thank you! Isabelle from Switzerland

I do! My comment has to be 10 characters? Wtf LPU, hahaha.

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Yes I know, sometimes it’s weird :crazy_face:!
I’m in Switzerland and I would be interested in. Do you have WhatsApp or so, so we could write a little bit more private?
Thank you!! :kissing_heart::bouquet:

Hi, I’m really interested in the t-shirt. What do you think? Thank you! :kissing_heart:

Hey @linkinisa

I don’t use the LPU forums often so I’m not sure if you got my message, I replied via email.

Yeah I have the T-shirt, erm, I guess you could add me on WhatsApp or something?

Yes, they’re called pounds (£). :joy:

Great your having a laugh at me. As you could read I’m not used to euros! Are you used to Swiss francs? She wrote she want a certain amount of euros. So that’s why I’m asking. I know pounds, don’t worry, I stayed in England for 6 months in 1993. But unfortunately I’m not able to travel anymore. So sorry for asking…

Jeez, why is everyone getting so triggered recently? I just find it funny that you should call them ‘special euros’ instead of pounds especially since you know what they are.

English is not my mother tongue and as you see I was there in 1993, 26 years ago. In my opinion, euros and pounds are not the same. She wrote she wants euros! I don’t call pound "special euros’. But I don’t know if it’s a problem of my language I’m writing or our brains work just differently. Just to let you know, it did hurt me when you wrote your post. But that’s ok. My problem. Enough said about it. Let’s end this. Thank you

That’s a matter of fact, not opinion, they’re definitely different. £1 = €1.11

I’m not going to put more energy in this

You’re misunderstanding the entire situation, I’m trying to help you out.

Right(?) lol

Dude just shut up lol
She oughta kick your smart ass :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Ima just let her haha

My gears post isn’t even half an hour old and you’re showing I’m not the only 24/7 idiot :joy:

Sorry @linkinisa :blush: thanks for just overlooking the situation
Hope you two can contact and work it out :+1:t3:


Can be. I know pounds and euros are different, I told you this. So where is the help there? I told you also that your first posts did hurt me. No reaction from you. Ok. So I tried to end the whole thing because I don’t wanna argue in any way.

So thank you if you tried to help me. It didn’t get to me like that. I don’t get it, but that’s my problem, not your fault. I tried to find out what she exactly wants, as she wrote she wants Euro but she’s living in the UK.

So I hope we can forget about all this and go on happy together, ok?

It’s not my intention to kick anyone’s ass! My intention is to end this unnecessary thing and put our energy in something pleasant! Ok?

Good night, I’m going to sleep now and I give a big hug to everybody and wish you a good day tomorrow :hugs::kissing_heart:

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Can I kick him for you(?)
A wet willy(?) slap(?) Indian burn(?) wedgie(?) jk… and jk @the_termin8r :crazy_face: I know you’d kick my ass ages before :roll_eyes:
have a good night :slightly_smiling_face:


You are so sweet!!! Thank you!!! :kissing_heart::revolving_hearts::heart_eyes:

I leave the choice up to you, but you got my blessing :wink::joy:

You’re my hero :raising_hand_woman: Thank you!

Good night and sleep well, big hugs :hugs: :rose::kissing_heart:

But…I was lying like I told him :rofl:
Listen to the guys in here: I’m a fake hero :grimacing:
You’re sleepy :joy:
Night :slightly_smiling_face:

@the_termin8r can you teach me your ways(?) :sweat_smile:
Ima get in trouble if you don’t teach me

My ways of what specifically? :stuck_out_tongue:

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:rofl: of being a natural repellent :rofl:
Of being a pain in the derrière :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Wait…no that one I already am… just go with the repellent part lol

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