Carpool From San Diego

My friend and I are driving up to L.A on the 27th, and are looking to carpool, share the driving, or share the gas expense.

I live in the east county, and he’s driving up to me from Imperial Valley, so we are looking for people to share the rest of the ride up.
I don’t have a license, so I would pay for half of the gas. We would use his car and have someone drive it to L.A and back to the San Diego area, this person wouldn’t pay for any gas expenses. A fourth passenger would ideal - they would not drive, but split the gas with me.
Or we are looking for anyone who wants to share a ride; him and I would pay for the gas with whatever more passengers, but we wouldn’t do any of the driving.

We are also looking to leave the San Diego area between 10 AM and 1 PM, depending on what works for everyone, and hang out/meet up in L.A with other friends and fans before the show.

I’m Maribel and his name is German, we’re both in our 30s, and have been fans for 17 years. We met 15 years ago, online, on, we were in the LPST back in the day, and have stayed friends since. I live in El Cajon, he lives in Mexicali.