Can you touch your shoulders?

A: Cookie Monster.

Q: What will you this weekend?

[OT: @evooba Go old fashioned. Use newspaper/magazine sudokus. I know you specifically said “no internet”, but maybe I didnt make myself very clear.

@Gatsie this is what happens when you do those many quizzes. You start tripping :stuck_out_tongue: ]

A: Saturday is always a surprise. Sunday I’ll be singing with the church band again.

Q: And since @amitrish requested it, here’s another fun quiz! Which Muppet Are You?

my result:

Muppets are for muppets

@amitrish Ohhh lol. Didn’t know newspapers and magazines had them. Haven’t bought any in years… old fashioned is not my thing at all as you can see xD still, thanks :slight_smile:

A: no Q
Q: Where do you go to listen to music on the internet together with ya buddies right now?

Nobody wants to answer ur qns… :frowning:

A: Spotify, cuz they don’t seem to use anything else.

@The_early_walker who says there’s no Q?:

I get it. Have fun ya’all. I’m out.

Since the currently pending question is…

A: dear @gatsie,


Q: Do you read any physical newspapers/magazines for current events?

A1 I´m Miss Piggy, sr but it was a mess to find that question
A2 I hear it on TV but feel like it´s getting worse, worse, than worser and worser ev. singl day, won´t hear what comes the worsest
Q: in a battle with your boss, round six, three rounds he won, three rounds you won, will you end the fight or are you going on to get the winner?

A: I don’t have a boss so… I guess it’s a draw…
Q: If bunnies would to take over the world would you: A: go crazy, B: join us or C: give up and surrender becauseyouknowyouwouldntbeabletostopusanyways…ha haha hahahaha hahahaha Muwhahahahahaha

A: I’ve always been curious about what bunny tastes like :stuck_out_tongue:

Q: Most annoying day of the week?

A: Every week day at this point

Q: Do ever get bored of being bored?

A: Sometimes I’m bored when I’m not bored :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Q: How well do you remember your childhood?

A: kinds better, sth may be forgotten, some not so clear
Q: Where have you been online the last three days mostly?

A: I’m always active on Twitter the most.

Q: Naps or no naps?

A: No naps because I can’t fall asleep later. I once took a nap and thought it was the next day :laughing:

Q: As a kid was there something you liked or weren’t scared of that most people at that age were scared of? E.g. It was lightning and thunder for me.

Kinda better? So ur memory improved after the car accident u had when u were 6? I really want to answer that question, cuz my brain never fully recovered from that brain concussion when I was also around that age (also a vehicular accident but very minor). My memory of my childhood has developed quite a lot of voids, getting significantly worse with each fading year. One minute I may suddenly remember, but then if somebody distract me from that memory, that memory disappears forever, perhaps never retrievable again. Having a memory of a memory, sounds familiar, déjà vu?

A: Clowns.

Q: Your on-the-go-snack?

A: Anything I can get my hands on lol

Q: Most boring time of the day?