Can you touch your shoulders?

A: Mmmm Cookies

Q: Since you’re all big fan of the quizzies, here’s another one: Which South Park Character Are You?

My result:


Q: Favorite ongoing TV series?

A: Top Gear UK (Mk 2)

Q: A very popular TV series you don’t watch?

A: Southpark

Q: Most hated text slang (I can’t stand YOLO!!)


Q: Y u no like quizzies??

Yeah that too! :smile:

A: Yeah I love quizzes!!

Q: Would you rather have constant pain or constant itch?

A: Anything other than ‘lol’ or any other form of laughter. But specifically “u” for “you” and “ur” I never know whether it’s “Your” or “You’re”. Besides “ur” is read as “oor” “uuhr” or some other kind of cave man noise.

^Perfect case in point^ :laughing:

A: Depends on where the itch or pain is. I’ve got a really itchy scalp, especially when I’m frustrated.

Q: If you had to lose one sense which would it be?

So funny and true!

A: Touch

Q: What mythical creature would you be?

A: I always thought gryphons were really neat mythical creatures.

Q: Which '90s Fad Toy Are You? [Come on, you know you want to :stuck_out_tongue:]

my result:


Q: Join the Chat with Pheonix - yay or nay

A: I’m no LPU member, so I guess no for me :confused:

Q: What did you have for dinner today? [yes, another food question :stuck_out_tongue: ]

A: A piece of toast and hot cocoa - random but I feel bad…

Q:Fav word??

I did it so I’m gonna answer even tho its real lame…

A: Oohh, tough. I’d say something like incinerate, obliterate or annihilate. Anything to do with destruction.

Q: What programs are on your task bar on your PC?

Haha - why am I not surprised :wink: Mine is vermillion

A: Stop asking questions I don’t know the answer to!!!

Q: What cartoon character would you have as a friend??

A: I have a laptop not a PC. But here’s a screenshot of what I’m seeing at the moment and if you look closely you can see the programs that run right now on my taskbar.

A 2: Totoro

Q: What time is it right now where you are?


Q: Whats ur percentage now?? Mine is 1!!!

A: Percentage of what My laptop battery is 20%, my smartphone battery’s 20% and the volume of my TV is on 20%… Hey wait, I see a pattern

Q: Silliest lie you ever told to impress someone?

A: My cousins wedding was ambushed with a wild tribe and they threw spears at him and he died… :smile:

Q: What cookie flavor are you??

A: Not a cookie/biscuit person at all.

Q: It seems that Mars has water, which brings me to the question: do you believe in aliens/foreigh species/whatever you wanna call them?