Can you touch your shoulders?

A: Oh man, that is horrible of your uncle to deny his own family to attend the funeral! You and your parents have every right to be there. I almost had the same with the funeral of my own grandfather, from dad’s side. My mother, sibling and I weren’t considered welcome to attend. Neither was my father’s youngest sister. My mom, sibling and I came anyway. My grandmother was very touched that we were there to mourn with the family.

Q: Your favorite hiding place?

A shed for garden technicals… so comfy

Terrace…no one ever comes there

How’s the day goin right now?

How ugly people can be, I am sorry to hear this Sam…

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Oh my, Sam… @samuel_the_leader… that’s too sad to hear

Nvm, I didn’t attend the funeral service, but I went to a different church with my father to implicitly pay respects anyway:

My mother went to talk to a relative (who decided not to attend in the end after hearing what my mother’s brother did).

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Sad to hear that…

Also sorry for your loss and Condolence…

any weekend plans?

hanging with a friend today.

do you like candles?

Yep ok ok .
What would you like for tomorrow’s breakfast?

Hopefully something different from the usual bread with whatever

What do you feel like doing now?

Scrolling and video editing
Have you ever had issues like you thought that you’ve said smth but you actually haven’t ?


Ya …It has happened. While telling something to my mom. Happened many times


More the other way round: that I forget what I’ve said :sweat_smile:

What was the nicest situation you had last week?

Yesterday…enjoting and writing a ballad. The best day of the week.


Meeting an example of the gal I’d like :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

What’s an attainable goal you have for the end of this year?

To write almost 20-30 ballads


To get back on track in terms of career path

Biggest motivation

nature and linkin park


(i know it might be a bit annoying asking yours yours… answer this i will ask other question :slight_smile:)

Right now, proving someone wrong (petty but it works haha)

Favorite activity